arconos: omg your art is amazing

thank you so muchhhhh!!! your art is really cool as well omggg (/)///(\)

Anonymous: do you take requests??? can i request genderbent junko?

didn’t draw anything danron related in so long whoa

here you go anon! sorry for taking so long ww

michiyolo: //nyooms HEY J'ESPÈRE QUE TU ES TOUJOURS EN FORME ET DE BONNE HUMEUR ;D ! Ppsssst c'était quand ton anniv ? :0 ah oui et ton oc est trop mimi////

hhhheyyyy je le suis!!! c’est l’été~ mais il fait grave moche en ce moment??? là où j’habite en tt cas…Sinon ça va toi? :o3

Mon anniv c’est le 2 avril!! aaa merci beaucoup///

devourtheflesh: hey nice art, its fantastic. but also. how much do you want for that url hmmm

hey!!! thank you very much!

i want lots of money :^)

hey friends!!! 

just wanted to apologize for forgetting to answer all these asks in my inbox!! i see them and i’m very grateful!! like you’re taking time out of ur day to tell me something that’s really nice…i’ll try to answer some today and then tomorrow etc until i’m done because i don’t want to just take up your dash with that stuff

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Some dialovers doodleess most are rly old ahahaaaa…

i haven’t been drawing much lately im sorry for not uploading anything in so long ;;

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Because I’m broke and now have to buy a new cell phone to cover the cost of my iPhone Auger that was stolen (har har), for a while I’m going to open up more writing commission slots. I have also slightly raised prices to better fit the amount of time/effort I was putting in. ALL…

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